Living room interior design

The living room interior design that we have created radiates an exceptional, attention-grabbing opulence. Dominant Neo Art Deco elements can be interpreted as a strand that weaves the features of modern and classic styles into one harmonious whole.

Colours and Shapes

Though at first glance, the interior may appear eclectic, the prevailing harmony of colours and shapes leaves no room for doubt: the duet of modern and classic styles is extraordinarily tasteful and functional! The interior design of living rooms by our team exudes a sense of lightness, with ample natural light highlighting the stylish contrasts of curving and straight lines, as well as geometric patterns. We tastefully marry luxurious and grand materials like marble, stone, crystal, and wall mouldings.

living room interior design

Subtleties of Living Room Interior Design

The modern classic living room interior design captivates at first sight — filled with light, the spacious living area draws attention with the grace and lightness of its furniture and accessories, perfectly merging curving and precise, straight lines. The room is flooded with natural light, which is further enhanced by a bright palette of the walls and ceiling. The charm of the space is enhanced by the floor made of cosy wood or luxurious marble. Both light and dark wood shades add extra warmth and cosiness and contrast effortlessly with the light wall colour. Imposing white marble epitomises perfect elegance, seamlessly extending the colour scheme of white walls and ceilings.

living room interior design

Wide Range of Furniture Colours

Despite the interior mostly featuring soft, light colours, furniture can easily 'disrupt' this image. Our designers love unexpected, non-traditional solutions; therefore, the main piece of furniture in the living room — a sofa or sectional — becomes that original element. Distinctiveness is achieved through colour — often, we install soft furniture in romantic violet, royal blue, soft green, elegant cream, or other shades. The chosen fabric is luxurious velvet or another sturdy and elegant material, enchanting both in its properties and impeccable appearance. Chesterfield-style soft furniture fits this living room perfectly, evoking associations with aristocratic residences.

Lighting — At the Centre of Attention

Photos of interiors reveal what is hard to miss — the highlight of this interior is massive, large-scale light fixtures. Huge hanging chandeliers, metallic bars with bulbs, impressive wireframes, geometric shapes in ceilings... Another trend connecting our interior design of living rooms is the near absence of a solitary light fixture. We often combine multiple light fixtures of various designs. Fixtures of different colours, shapes, and materials find a 'common language' and harmoniously complement each other.


Heavier fabrics are chosen for the curtains, which fall flawlessly in pleats, both for night and day use. We are using only high-quality natural fabrics. The curtains are not necessarily colour-matched to the furniture; sometimes they are coordinated with the colour of a particular chair or ornament or even with the wall décor. Different shades for a pair of night-time curtains are also considered.

Role of Small Furniture Items

In our modern classic living rooms, coffee tables and side tables are often the most eye-catching pieces. They are perfect Art Deco masterpieces, adding stylish charm and originality to the interior with their metal legs, geometric tabletops, and bright brass accents.

Our Neo Art Deco living room interior design captivates with its strict lines, diversity of geometric shapes, flawless aesthetics intertwined with comfort and minimalism, and perfect combinations of very different materials — metal, wood, marble, luxurious tapestries, glass, and so on.